Curriculum Overview

Our curriculum aims to develop young people who:

  • achieve well
  • are resilient, confident, safe and responsible
  • feel supported and included
  • secure positive destinations beyond school

The curriculum at Ludlow School comprises a broad range of learning experiences. A personalised,
accessible curriculum offer, in conjunction with high-quality teaching, offers challenge and impacts
positively on learning and progress. The curricular experience will prepare our students for an evolving
wider world.

Our timetable consists of 50 one-hour lessons each fortnight.

Key Stage Three (KS3) - Years 7, 8 and 9

English, Spanish, History, Geography, Religious Education, Careers and Health Education  22 hours
Mathematics, Science, Design & Technology and Computer
18 hours
Art, Performing Arts and Physical Education 10 hours


Key Stage Four (KS4) - Years 10 and 11

English 8 hours and 7 hours
Mathematics 7 hours and 8 hours
Science 9 hours
Citizenship and Careers, Computing, RE & RSHE 3 hours
Physical Education 3 hours 

Plus any FOUR from the following list of subjects:

Art, Enterprise & Marketing, Child Development, Computer
Science, Dance, Design & Technology, Drama, Food Preparation & Nutrition,  Geography, History, Music Technology, Physical Education, Sciences – Individual, Spanish, RE, Certificate of Personal Education qualifications.
20 (4x5) hrs