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News of past Ludlow School students

At Ludlow CE School, we share a single vision of “Excellence Together”, where every student has the opportunity to reach their full potential both during this time with us, and in the years that follow.

It's wonderful when we hear from our ex-students about what they've gone on to achieve in their lives. Take a look at the articles from past students in the boxes below - we're so very proud of their achievements...

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Student Profile - Eliza

For my GCSEs, I chose Spanish, RE, history and geography. I chose Spanish as it can improve your options when applying for colleges and universities, and out of interest about the subject. For my A levels, I chose psychology, criminology and Spanish, as they all link into a career that I would want in the future. A usual day at college varies a

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Student Profile - Abi Elder

Hi, my name is Abi and I left Ludlow School in 2017. I decided to go to Hereford Sixth Form College as I wanted a change from the town I had grown up in and I was keen to make new friends too. I studied A levels in: Business (B) History (C) English Lit (C) Students sometimes choose four A levels if they're unsure. They then carry three on in the

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Student Profile - Rhys Prosser

My name is Rhys Prosser and I joined the army straight from school when I was 16. If you join at 16, you go full-time to the Army College, Harrogate, Yorkshire. I get paid to be there and have made many life- long friends, as well as building my confidence and improving discipline. These people have helped me and I have helped them and couldn’t ask…

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