Christian Values

Welcome to Ludlow Church of England School.  As a Church school, within the Diocese of Hereford Multi-Academy Trust, our community is underpinned by three core Christian values - excellence, resilience and care.  We believe that these values serve us all well, regardless of whether we have a Christian faith, or not.

Our daily act of Collective Worship is the cornerstone for deepening our students’ spiritual and moral understandings, and for creating an explicitly inclusive environment, where we celebrate difference. Further opportunities for personal reflection and prayer also exist through the Collective Worship assemblies, through the whole school visits to church and through regular extra-curricular opportunities for students, specifically the weekly club, Soul Space. 

There are three over-arching themes for our Collective Worship, each lasting a half term, which match our three core Christian values of Excellence, Resilience and Care. Our aim in these acts of daily reflection, and, indeed, across school life in general, is to inspire students through the Christian ethos, morals and practice of the school. We pledge to serve our students and community by never dictating or preaching, as this would be counter-productive. Instead, we pledge to inform, inspire, widen horizons and challenge the students to consider and reflect on Christian ethos and morals so that they add real value to their own lives, and the lives of others. This objective was recognised in Ofsted’s report in 2020: “Christian values contribute towards giving pupils social and moral understanding.”

Please take a look at our linked documents to find out more about each core value and how our students believe we can live them day-in and day-out at Ludlow Church of England School.  You can also share in our school prayer, and the prayer of hope created by members of Soul Space.