Student Profile - Eliza

For my GCSEs, I chose Spanish, RE, history and geography. I chose Spanish as it can improve your options when applying for colleges and universities, and out of interest about the subject. For my A levels, I chose psychology, criminology and Spanish, as they all link into a career that I would want in the future.

A usual day at college varies a lot. On Tuesday mornings I have ‘directed study'. This is time to do your homework and catch up on any work that you've missed. I choose to spend this time in college because if I stay at home I'll be distracted. We then have lunch, followed by two hours of psychology.

Thursdays are the same, except I have criminology in the morning and Spanish in the afternoon.

Friday mornings we have a tutorial, the same as tutor time at school except at college it’s once a week for an hour. Afterwards, we go on to our lessons. For me, I have a full day but some students might just be coming in for a lesson or two.

I love college. You have a really flexible timetable and you're not necessarily in every day, all day, but you have to make good use of the time when you don't have lessons.

In the future I want to go to university and study criminal psychology. It has interested me for a long time and I'd imagine it’s an exciting course. I'll need to look at what the entry requirements are and choose where I'd like to study.